Sealed and Striped - Asphalt Sealcoating, Patching, Crack Filling, and Line Striping
                                            Hot Asphalt Patching
      Failed areas or liability issues on your driveway or parking lot are justifiably important concerns.  But the presence of these concerns does not mean that repaving or other major scopes are necessary.  Our proven technique of patching asphalt allows you to repair these particular areas in a cost-effective way. Call Union County Sealcoating today to meet and discuss any concerns regarding Asphalt repairs or sealcoating. Repairing failed areas in a timely manner can save you thousands on total replacement.  Union County can handle a small residential asphalt repair or many large repairs on your commercial parking lot.
     We are located in Union and serve residential customers in the surrounding areas of Morris county. Randolph, Denville, Roxbury, Succasuana, Morris Plains, Morristown, Chester, Flanders, Dover, Ironia, Hopatcong, Jefferson, Kenvil, Landing, Ledgewood, Long Valley, Mendham, Mine Hill, Mountain Lakes, Mt Arlington, Mt Fern, Mt Freedom, Mt Olive, Netcong, Rockaway, Rockaway Township, Shongum, Wharton, are just a few.


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