Sealed and Striped - Asphalt Sealcoating, Patching, Crack Filling, and Line Striping
                             Residential Sealcoating

     Nothing lasts forever, but with our help, your asphalt could come close. Asphalt undergoes daily punishment from constant traffic, standing water, harmful UV rays, not to mention the occasional gasoline or oil spill.  Without proper sealcoating and maintenance, the original protection of new asphalt could be severely compromised after only a few years.

    The extremes of New Jersey seasons are no friend to poorly maintained asphalt.  
Cracks caused from severe temperature fluctuation widen with water intrusion; “raveling” destroys the edges of the driveway, creating a ragged look; and UV rays from the sun break down the sealed surface of your asphalt, leaving it susceptible to traffic, chemical, and water damage.

   If your driveway is six months old or if it has been two years since your last seal coating, you need our service! 

   Sealcoating will greatly extend the life of your asphalt driveway or parking lot.  We use SealMaster brand Coal Tar Sealer, SealMaster is the industry leader.  We also add 4 pounds of silica sand per gallon of sealcoat and latex rubber additives to ensure a very durable longer lasting application.
  Our sealcoat seals out the damaging elements of weather and chemicals and keeps the vital oils and asphalt binders locked in the pavement to keep them flexible and functional.  Union Countys sealcoat process ensures  your property and investment are protected.      Sealcoating  beautifies and enhances your landscaping, thereby increasing the value of your property. 
  Located in Union, serving RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS in the surrounding areas of Morris county. Randolph, Denville, Roxbury, Succasuana, Morris Plains, Morristown, Chester, Flanders, Dover, Ironia, Hopatcong, Jefferson, Kenvil, Landing, Ledgewood, Long Valley, Mendham, Mine Hill, Mountain Lakes, Mt Arlington, Mt Fern, Mt Freedom, Mt Olive, Netcong, Rockaway, Rockaway Township, Shongum, Wharton, are just a few. 

The Benefits of Sealcoating your Asphalt
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Benefits of Sealcoating.
Presented by the Pavement Coatings Technology Council, in this video the PCTC explains Sealcoating Benefits.

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